Pigg – Autumn Slot Challenge

A new autumn maple slot challenge in Pigg has been released today!

 When you’ve reached 1.000 C$, you are getting 10 Almighty Stones


 When you’ve reached 10.000 C$, you are getting 20 Almighty Stones


 When you’ve reached 50.000 C$, you’ll get a floor


 When reached 100.000 C$, you’ll get a table


 When reached 200.000 C$, you are getting two items, a wine cellar and a wall

The wine cellar can be opened! 


Limited Items

The first 5000 people who reach 200.000 C$,

宝石赤 A large window! 宝石赤

The window has a falling leaves animation!


宝石ブルー Gift for Male users 宝石ブルー

An complete outfit! A hat, hair, and a outfit!

宝石赤 Gift for Female users 宝石赤

An complete oufit! A hat, hair and a dress!


指輪 Items will be given immediately 指輪


 Item Images 

So be quick, and go play the new Slot challenge!

Thanks for reading!

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